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The Sims 3 Package Library For Mono

This project is targeted and built against Mono, which can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac, though it's developed via Visual Studio. The library mainly deals with DBPF file format used by Maxis, EA in The Sims 3 game series.

File Extensions Support

Extension Name Usage
.package Common Package File
.world World File
.nhd Save File
.dbc Store Content


It's a test and demonstration for package library and passed the test under both Windows and Mac platforms.

DBPF File Format

Header ----96 bytes

Blocks of Data

Index of Entries -Position and count defined in header

To View More details, please visit

The ProjectK Library Is For Mono

  1. What's Mono? Mono is a cross platform working on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, based on C# and CLR. To view more details, please visit .
  1. How to use Mono? You need to visit and download runtime/SDK according to your system.

Details For Mac Users

For Mac Users

Future Plan For This Project

Future Plan

Change Log

  1. Add CASP and VPXY Wrapper preview
  2. Fix some bugs in library
  3. Import panel in ProjectK

  1. Fixed some bugs in ProjectK; add more implements of ExceptionBox; add DDS preview and OBJK resource preview (Helper is coming)
  2. Make the ProjectK more tidy, no change to user's end.
  3. Add DDS Wrapper, originally code from kons,
  4. Add OBJK wrapper, but Unparse is untested due to helper not been made

  1. Fix some bugs in ProjectK, add Hex Helper and save prompt, so it should be more user-friendly now.
  2. Organizing the usings in library
  3. It has a project icon now, yes, though it's quiet silly.
  4. Add xml comments in library, so none is left.

  1. Fix some bugs in Package.cs, such as single resource index type, and get resource when package has been "Save As"ed.
  2. Make the package library more stable
  3. Add basic wrapper library
  4. ProjectK is available.


1. Peter L Jones for his s3pi . Without his wrapper code, the basic wrapper library will come slowly.

2. Tiger for his compression. Without his compression code, the library will be intact.

3. InTRUEdeR@CodeProject for his draggable control .

4. kons for his DDS code

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